At Lane's End Farm we have worked on perfecting animal husbandry
for the past 38 years and now have a practical and effective system
for maintaining optimum health while producing
as natural a product as possible.

In addition to our meat products we have branched out into
some farm related products. We have handmade personal products
for body and bath. These are all natural products
that can add to your personal comfort and well-being.
A winner is our Replenishing Hemp Butter. Best for dry cracked hands or feet or relief of excema. Give it a try!

From the Sheep and Goats I have warm, soft hides
available in limited quantities. Also available are 100% wool lap throws ,double and
queen size blankets in a variety of colours, as well as soft, colourful
hand knit socks, mitts and toques.

At the Farmers Markets we specialize in comfort foods.

Come buy and enjoy:cookies,tarts,muffins,squares and a wonderful tasting healthy oatmeal +++ bread.Fudge in various varieties and brittles are also a hit.BUT best if all are the varieties of melt in your mouth Shortbread Cookies!
Also as a special treat for your best friend(DOG) we make wholesome tasty dog cookies.

WE  ARE 'Your One Stop Comfort Spot'

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